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Mouse Mats

With an everlasting undersurface print, HardTop mats offer the possibility of stunning graphics in spot colour or four colour process. The most popular choice for promotional mousemats in the UK.
Precision HardTop Mouse Mats
Specially developed for optical mice and superior tracking on high definition conventional "balled" mice.
Lenticular Mouse Mats
Lenticular printing brings life to you promotions. Extraordinary images that are, apparently, three dimensional or moving can be created.
SeeThrough and Photo Mouse Mats
SeeThrough Mats are HardTop mats with a clear, liftable flap. Suitable for applications where customers wish to use their own, frequently changing inserts.
CD Mats
A specially designed See Through Mat with a CD sized recess cut into the foam base underneath a clear liftable lid.
Business Card Mouse Mat
A HardTop mat which incorporates your business card. Ideal for sales representatives to give out to their customers. The mat has a small pocket along one of the short edges. With accewss from the side of the mat, this can be made to fit any size of business card.
The MouseCard™ is a unique mouse mat and greeting card combination. The MouseCard™ is ideal for invitations to events and product launches.
UltraThin Mouse Mats
With an everlasting undersurface print, UltraThin mats offer the possibility of stunning graphics in spot colour or four colour process. The very thin polypropylene base material is specially formulated for it's non-slip qualities.
Armadillo Welded Mouse Mat
So named because this mat has a tough, top layer welded to a special, soft cling base. Armadillos have all the benefits of the stunning graphics of HardTop mats, with the added benefit of the cling base and the strong welded edge. A good alternative to the HardTop mat.
Crystal Armadillo Mouse Mat
Our new translucent, flexible mouse mat. Make your mouse mat fit into your desktop style, by seeing the desktop through it!
A welded mat containing two or three non-mixing coloured liquids, creating an everlasting, stress relieving display.
The low-cost, high performance mat that has become a runaway success. This inexpensive product is the first choice for many mouse users.
Brite-Mat Mouse Mat
Stunning colour reproduction, you wont find better. Pantone matched spot colours and full colour process printing enable the production of stunning colours.

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