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Promotional printed flash drives have become a most popular advertising tool whether just imprinted or containing your chosen data aswell. With a high perceived value and styles that can be taylored to fit your brand USB flash drives have proven themselves to be a long lasting promotional product.
In use in most offices and schools, the lower pricing now means that flash drives are also a more affordable promotional gift that would be used time and again.

Below is just a selection of USB flashdrives available. With a choice of memory sizes we can also supply bespoke shaped flashdrives and offer our clients the best possible prices across the wide ranges of standard shapes that may have already been seen or used previously.



Bamboo Drive

Banboo 2 Drive
Bamboo 3 Drive
Bamboo 2
Bamboo 3
Recycled Bean Drive
Recycled POD Drive
Recycled Twister Drive
Recycled Bean
Recycled POD
Recycled Twister


Aluminium Drive
Aluminium 2 Drive
Aluminium 3 Drive
Aluminium 2
Aluminium 3
Baby Twister Drive
Baby Twister 2 Drive
Battery Drive
Baby Twister
Baby Twister 2
Bean Drive
Bean 2 Drive
Biometric Drive
Bean 2
Bottle Drive
Bubble Drive
Bubble 2 Drive
Bubble 2
Bullet Drive
Can Drive
Capsule Drive

What is a USB FlashDrive?

The USB FlashDrive is the ultimate storage device. It allows computer users to conveniently store and access data anytime, anywhere.

The USB FlashDrive contains a small memory chip that when plugged into a computer is recognised as, and works in the same way as another hard drive. Sinply save information onto the FlashDrive in exactly the same way as you would onto your hard drive. Unplug the USB FlashDrive and insert it into another machine, the information is then instantly available on that computer.

This small key-size device simply plugs 'n' plays into your PC. Software can be pre-installed onto the FlashDrives for you, creating the perfect presentation and impression. Please call for details.

"Because of the volatile nature of memory prices we would strongly urge you to contact us for the latest prices prior to placing any order".

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