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See Thru Mouse Mat

Seethrough mouse mats enable a place to keep important notes, instructions or pictures to hand and Photomat mouse mats offer an alternative to a normal photo frame.
Seethrough mats have a base fixing of 43mm and this is the usual place for print although the base area of the mat has the option of further print inclusion. Seethrough mouse mats can also have the top fixed on up to three sides.
Photomat mouse mats also have a clear top but with a pocket and access flap to the back into which photos can be placed. The standard photo pocket accomodates a 6x4 inch photo however other sizes can be accomodated and print on the mouse mat usually features around the border acting as the frame.

Prices can be located at the bottom of the page.

Key Features
SeeThrough Mats are HardTop mats with a clear, liftable flap. Suitable for applications where customers wish to use their own, frequently changing inserts.

PhotoMats allow the user to incorporate his or her own photgraphs in the mat.

In the SeeThrough mat the top, mark resistant material is fixed to the foam base along one edge in a strip, usually 43mm. deep. This is the area that is normally printed. Mats can also be made where the top is fixed on two or three sides. Otherwise the mat is similar to a HardTop mat.

In the photomat the clear top material is fixed to the foam base with a pocket and access flap in the back, into which users can insert their own photographs. The clear top material in printed with a window through which the phtograph can be seen.

Size and Packaging
As for HardTop mats. The standard PhotoMat has a pocket that accomodates a 6" x 4" photograph. Other size windows and pokets can be made.


1 ColourScreen Print


Extra Colour
Offset Litho 4CP
Prices are based on 3mm. EPDM foam. See Through Mats available with 1, 2 or 3 fixed sides.

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