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Lenticular mouse mats are undersurface printed onto special lensed (lenticular) material creating visual impact that beings the illusion of movement and depth to the design within the mouse mat.

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Lenticular Mousemat Key Features
Lenticular printing brings life to you promotions. Extraordinary images that are, apparently, three dimensional or moving can be created.
Lenticular Mousemat Composition
The clear lenticualr material comprises a series of tiny parallel lenses, or "lenticules", which are placed over a printed composite image. The images are divided into extremely narrow strips and merged in a process known as "interlacing". The print has to be applied in perfect register.

Although the print is completely flat, when the interlaced image is viewed through the lenses, an illusion of depth or movement is created.

Print Effects
Various effects can be obtained:

Flip: One image suddenly changes into another.

Three Dimensional: The image appears to comprise three layers, foreground, midground and background, creating a sense of depth.

Morphing: One image magically transforms itself into another.

Animation: The image moves.

Black 3mm. EPDM foam is standard. The extra thickness offered by chunky 5mm. foam used to be popular. New production trechniques now mean that 1,5mm. and 2mm. EPDM foam can be used to make slimmer mats. A limited range of other colours ia available but colours are dull and the foam expensive.

Black natural rubber foam in 1.5mm., 3mm. and 5mm. offers a heavier alternative with the very best lay flat, non-slip, qualities.

Lenticular Mousemat Sizes
The standard size is 200mm. x 235mm., but other sizes possible include 200mm. diameter, 150mm x 200mm. (MiniMat), 200mm. x 260mm. Special shapes can be made without difficulty.

Due to the intricate nature of the artwork required please call to discuss artwork before designing your mat.

Offset Litho 4CP
Prices on application. Please contact Chris Walke.
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