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CD mouse mats consist of a clear liftable flap sealed along one edge beneath which a CD can be placed. The underneath, or mousemat base, is produced with two sheets of foam sandwiching a layer of PVC - to add to rigidity. The top layer of the mat base has a cut recess into which to place a CD. Print is usually found on the sealed hinged area however there are options to print within the CD recess or upon the top flap.

CD mouse mat prices are located at the bottom of the page.

CD mat examples

CD Mat Key Features
A specially designed See Through Mat with a CD sized recess cut into the foam base underneath a clear liftable lid.

CD Mat Construction
Similar to the SeeThrough mats. Mark resistant top sealed along one edge. Underneath this liftable flap are two sheets of foam sandwiching a layer of PVC between them (this adds rigidity). The top layer of foam has a CD sized recess cut into it. Print is usually on the sealed, hinge area, although the recess can also be printed.

Cd Mat Size and Packaging
As for HardTop mats. Standard CD recess is 120mms. diameter x 1.5mms. deep. Mats are bulk packed into cartons with self seal bags supplied separately, or we can pack the mats into bags for a small extra charge.

1 ColourScreen Print


Extra Colour
Offset Litho 4CP
Prices include a self seal poly bag. The mats will be bulk packed, bags separate, unless otherwise requested. Add 14p for inserting a free issue CD and bagging the mats if required. Add 3p for Precision Surface
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