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Aquamats are a must for those who like to bring interest to their desktop. As well as providing facination these mats can be printed by four colour process either above or below the liquid. Aquamats can be produced in special shapes, have their own express service, a complimenting aqua wrist rest is available and so too other aqua products.

Aquamat mouse mat prices can be found at the end of page.

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Aquamat Mouse Mat Key Features
A welded mat containing two or three non-mixing coloured liquids, creating an everlasting, stress relieving display..

Aquamats Composition
The clear top surface is our special ultra bright material, chosen for its performance and ability to provide strong bright colours. The mat is strongly welded along the edges enclosing sunflower oil and a glycerine gel in a uniquely manufactured bag. Baby oil is sometimes used for clear oil filled mats. The liquids are coloured using food or shampoo dyes. Glitter can be added to the liquids for a sparkling effect. Custom printed floating inserts can be added to move around in the mat. (max. 40mm x 40mm., up to 6 per mat). There is a small air bubble, which behaves a bit like a third liquid.

Undersurface screen print or offset litho four colour process print, either above or below the liquids.

Aquamats Liquid Colours
Colours can only be matched roughly and do vary from batch to batch. The strength of the colour at any point depends on the thickness of the liquid. One colour can be affected by the colour of the other liquid, for example a yellow liquid above a blue shows up as a green. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may affect liquid colours.

To minimise the risk of misunderstanding, customers are advised to have a proof made prior to production.

Aquamat Mouse Mat Sizes
The standard size is 200mm. x 235mm., but other sizes possible include 200mm. diameter and 200mm. x 235mm. oval. Special shapes can be made without difficulty though sharp bend and points should be avoided. Welding tools are more expensive than the cutting formes used for other specially shaped mats..

1 ColourScreen Print


Extra Colour
Offset Litho 4CP
Glitter in liquid extra at 8p. Add 3p for precision surface.
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