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AntiBug™ Promotional Products


AntiBug™ products combine protection and promotion. The specialist surface starts to fight germs as soon as they come into contact and has been clinically proven to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria from 50 common organisms such as MRSA, E.coli and Salmonella and will continue to fight for the lifetime of the product.

Antibug™ products include ~

Screen Printed Mugs

Colourcoat Mugs

Mouse Mats

Counter Mats


Consider how quickly germs spread in a busy workplace. Fully certified Antibug™ promotional products help to keep those germs at bay.

Promotional Products with Antibug™ are new - please contact us for further details

antibug hardtop mat coaster set
antibug desk set
antibug marrow mug
Antibug Hardtop Mat Set
Antibug Desk Set
Antibug Marrow Mugs
antibug wrist rest
antibug softmat set
antibug armadillo counter mat
Antibug Wrist Rests
Antibug Soft Mat Set
Antibug Armadillo Counter Mat
antibug bell mug
antibug add mat
antibug tough mat coasters
Antibug Bell Mug
Antibug AddMat
Antibug Coasters
antibug hardtop counter mat
antibug place mat
antibug hardtop coaster
Antibug Hardtop Counter Mat
Antibug Place Mat
Antibug Hardtop Coaster
antibug pharma mat
antibug quadra mug
antibug hardtop mouse mat
Antibug Pharma Mat
Antibug Quadra Mug
Antibug Hardtop Mouse Mat
antibug tough mat
antibug untra thin coaster
antibug toughmat counter mat
Antibug ToughMat
Antibug Ultra Thin Coaster
Antibug Tough Counter Mat
antibug crystal mats
antibug ultra thin mouse mat
antibug aqua mat
Antibug Crystal Mats
Antibug Ultra Thin Mat
Antibug Aqua Mousemats
antibug aqua coaster
antibug soft mat rest
antibug lincoln mug
Antibug Aqua Coaster
Antibug Soft Mat Rest
Antibug Lincoln Mug
antibug armadillo mat
antibug sparta mug
antibug precision soft mat
Antibug Armadillo Mousemat
Antibug Sparta Mug
Antibug Precision Mouse Mat


See also the Biofree Antibacterial Pen

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